Monday, December 17, 2018

Saturday, December 15, 2018

{ Waiting for Christmas } Vegan option chocolate ginger biscotti

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   Let's end this week with my last sweet recipe of the year that you'll b able to do for Christmas holidays or whenever you're craving som chocolate and spices, to offer or just enjoy yourself, as a treat with som tea or coffee or a snack, dessert or even breakfast.

   I'm not a big fan of chocolate but I like to bake some recipes with it in Winter or holidays because I find it quite comforting and to add even more comfort and warm feeling, I used ginger, ground and candied, that makes a nice association with chocolate.

Monday, December 10, 2018

{ Waiting for Christmas } Vegan cranberry black forest Christmas yule log cake in a jar (gluten free option)

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Each year, for Christmas holidays, I like to propose a yummy seasonal dessert. I made traditional yule log cakes for a time and then I kind of fell in love with desserts in a jar and so for Christmas cakes. Last year, I tried poke cake - a coconut chocolate persimmon one -  for a change and also a traditional Finnish dessert.

This year, I went back to dessert in a jar because I love to just plunge my spoon in the different layer and also that even if you'e not a pro at baking nice and pretty cake or dessert, it doesn't matter with jars.