vendredi 31 mars 2017

{ Where to eat - Paris, France } Alma the Chimney Cake Factory, rolled brioches from Central Europe Europe

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   Today, no new recipe but a new good address where to eat. Well, the first one on the English version of the blog, I really have to translate and give you my other good addresses to eat in Paris and Barcelona.

   I had the occasion to go back to Alma the Chimney Cake Factory a few days ago to the new address and as it was another good time there, I thought it was time to tell you about it. Alma proposes rolled savory and sweet brioches called "chimney cakes" in English but "Kurtoskalacs" in Hungary and "Trdelníks" in Czech Republic where they're from. Originally, these Central Europe brioches are only sweet rolled into sugar and cinnamon.

mercredi 22 mars 2017

Aloo gobi, cauliflower and potatoes dry Indian curry & carrot raita

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   Another Indian recipe, yep, I love that cuisine! Because of its flavors but also because it's easy to eat vegeterian, what is most appreciated when you go and eat at the restaurant. And this is just in an Indian restaurant we often go to when I visit my mom in my home town that I discovered this dish. I had had a painful dental intervention the day before and I had trouble eating and appreciating any solid food so I chose this dish hoping it would be soft enough for my sore teeth.

   The veggies were not only soft but deliciously cooked with spices so when I had some cauliflower leftovers a little time after that, I wanted to enjoy some aloo gobi again at home. "Aloo" stands for "potatoes" and "gobi" for cauliflower, it's a dry Indian curry. 

lundi 20 mars 2017

Raspberry pear cardamom chia and millet pudding

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   Here is a recipe I had not scheduled on the blog but I made it last weekend and it was so easy, delicious and filling enough to wait until lunch that I thought you may like too. I also thought about all the people who say they don't have time to eat in the morning because you prepare everything at night and you just have to assemble it in the morning and enjoy! You'll excuse the minimalist pictures but as I said the recipe wasn't planned and I was quite hungry and eager to eat this delicious thing so I made it quick!

   This is not the first time I made an overnight pudding but the first I used millet instead of oats - I love millet since I tried it a few weeks ago! I bet you've heard about chia pudding, well, an overnight oats or overnight "other cereal" is just the same with oats or any other cereal flakes and, even if I like chia puddings (like my favorite one here), I just love overnights! 

   And if you've tried and were not satisfied, I bet you will find your favorite version, I suggest you to try different milks, add some yogurt or not, change flakes, add or remove some of the chia seeds, etc.Then you can top your pudding with whatever you want, fruit, seed butter, chocolat, seeds and more!

dimanche 12 mars 2017

Pink grapefruit cranberry ginger cocktail • For The Love Of Cocktails, Las Vegas premier charity cocktail festival

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    Today, we'll talk about cocktails, Las Vegas and charity. A few days ago, I heard about For The Love Of Cocktails, a cocktail and charity event hosted in Las Vegas once a year. The celebration is not only a mixology party but also a 72-hour fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. In honor of the next edition of the festival taking place in May this year, I created a fun cocktail I wanted to share with you! 

   The event brings, every year, the finest mixologists, cocktail bars and chefs. I'm not a big drinker, ageing, I've been drinking alcohol less and less but I like to enjoy a good cocktail once in a while. If I could, I would have been delighted to meet some professionals there and also because Las Vegas is one of my top destinations I wish to visit. It sounds like a lot of fun but most of all for a great cause.

mardi 7 mars 2017

Orange mango immune booster Winter smoothie (turmeric, ginger, cardamom and baobab)

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    Let's begin this week with a vitamins packed smoothie, because it's good and to fight the bad weather of March, between Spring and apocalyptic rainy days.

   At first, I had tried this smoothie with fresh orange juice and it was delicious but I thought it would be interesting to use the whole orange flesh in order to add more fibers that help to digest and make you feel hungry later because they regulate the carbohydrates and lipids. Mango is also a fruit rich in fibers but also antioxidants (and it's my favorite exotic fruit)

jeudi 2 mars 2017

Winter vegetable vegan patties and their yoghurt sauce (gluten free)

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   Hide veggies and fruit for children who don't really like them, that the theme of the last Bataille Food of yesterday proposed by Anne-Laure. I confess I had a little trouble finding a really original idea with seasonal vegetables (that was not already on the blog) because I've always liked vegetables and fruit in general (apart from Brussel sprouts and green peas... still true today), I don't really understand how can someone (child or adult) not like them and most of all why.

   So this challenge was a reason to try a new recipe from the book Vegan from Marie Laforêt (a great French vegan food blogger). I adapted her mini vegetable patties with seasonal veggies such as carrots, leek and cauliflower.