Monday, August 1, 2016

Earl Grey iced tea with hibiscus, orange blossom water (and a few raspberries)

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    In summer, I like to vary thirst-quenching drinks and discover new flavor associations. I had liked using dried mallow flowers in a few recipes - here, here or here - so I bought a few months ago dried hibiscus flowers but had never used them since then not knowing what to do with them.

   Last weekend, I took part to the 3rd edition of a food challenge organized by a food recipe French Website CuisineAZ, on Friday morning the person who has collected the most votes on her/his recipe the edition before draw lots for a letter and people who participate have to publish a recipe beginning with that letter on the Website of CuisineAZ and this time it was the letter "H" so of course, I just twisted the title so that it began with "hibiscus".

   As I had never used hibiscus, I surfed on Pinterest to collect ideas and finally made my own drink with ingredients I like such as Earl Grey and orange blossom. I was very surprised but glad to turn out to be a delicious refreshing summer drink! I added a few frozen raspberries to replace ice cubes and add a little sour touch but you can leave them out if you prefer.

--> recette en français

Earl Grey iced tea, with hibiscus,orange blossom (and a few raspberries)

Prep time : 10 minutes
Rest time : 1 hour
Serving : 75 cl / 25 fl. oz / 3 cups drink

- 750 ml / 25 fl. oz / 3 cups water (filtered if possible)
- 2 tea bags or 2 tsp of good quality Earl Grey
- 4 tbsp organic dried hibiscus flowers- 4 tbsp suga
- 4 to 5 tbsp orange blossom water *
- a handful of frozen raspberries per glass (optional)
- ice (optional)

  • Put the water to simmer, be careful not to let it boil.

  • In a bowl, cover Earl Grey tea, dried hibiscus and sugar with the hot water. Let it brew for about 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Transfer the infusion in another bowl filtering the preparation to collect the tea and dried hibiscus, let it cool down, add the orange blossom water and let it rest for about 1 hour in the fridge

  • Serve in glasses with ice and/or frozen raspberries or enjoy just like that.

    --> recette en français

* Note : If you love orange blossom water, do not hesitate to use until 5 tbsp, it won't take over the hibiscus flavor. On the other hand, you can also not put it in the preparation and let each person measure it out as they want in their own glass.



  1. I bet the aroma and the taste of this tea were magnificent!

  2. That color is beautiful! I bet these are so refreshing and lovely! I wish I had one now.

  3. How gorgeously deep a colour, and the flavours are just my thing. I can imagine making these for a Christmas meal, where we want non-alcoholic drinks but still indulgent.

  4. Stunning color and deeply refreshing. I can smell the aroma now... thanks. Another thirst quencher winner.

  5. A delicious and fun twist on regular iced tea. I must try this.


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