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{ Where to eat - Paris, France } Alma the Chimney Cake Factory, rolled brioches from Central Europe Europe

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   Today, no new recipe but a new good address where to eat. Well, the first one on the English version of the blog, I really have to translate and give you my other good addresses to eat in Paris and Barcelona.

   I had the occasion to go back to Alma the Chimney Cake Factory a few days ago to the new address and as it was another good time there, I thought it was time to tell you about it. Alma proposes rolled savory and sweet brioches called "chimney cakes" in English but "Kurtoskalacs" in Hungary and "Trdelníks" in Czech Republic where they're from. Originally, these Central Europe brioches are only sweet rolled into sugar and cinnamon.

   I had the chance to discover and enjoy these a few years ago during a long weekend in Prague, Czech Republic and I had just loved them. There are many wheeled stalls in the city where you'll be able to enjoy one. The brioche dough is rolled around a cylinder and grilled on coal which gives it a subtle smoked flavor. Then you can unroll the brioche and eat it like a serpentine.

   When I heard about that food place in Paris I don't remember how more than a year ago, I was so eager to go and try them, especially for the savory ones, what is new because it doesn't exist in the original countries. I went them with my mum who had had the chance to try one in Prague a few months before and we loved them, both the savory and sweet ones. Plus the brother and sister running the place were very kind. Since then, they moved into a bigger place near Bastille and made lots or works, the coffee shop is really pretty with lots of wood, a glass wall, an "off-ground table" for two - I don't know how to call this in English but you'll understand on the pictures - and a lovely decoration, on Sunny days, you'll be able to eat on the terrace.

   Now, you'll be able to eat in addition to the brioches, soups, large salads and fine coffees. The savory brioches are served with a mixed salad in nice dishes. Last year, I had tasted the goat cheese and figs brioche, this time, I had the olive and Comté (a French cheese), both were delicious! There is always a vegetarian option. 

About the sweet ones, well, it's like when I go to Crêperies, French pancakes restaurants, I always order the most simple one I love, the butter and sugar one, so here I chose the original sugar and cinnamon brioche, this is a real treat! But if you're more greedy you'll be able to chose between all these toppings : praline, vanilla, almonds, cocoa, M&M's, coconut, Oreo, nuts, speculoos and more.

Another new thing, you can now enjoy a rolled brioche cone stuffed with a mixed salad and in Summer, you'll be able to order sweet brioche cones filled with ice cream!

So if you're living in Paris or planning to visit the city, this is an address I strongly suggest you to write down and try, whether it is to eat in or take out.

Useful information

📍 Alma the Chimney Cake Factory
      59 boulevard Beaumarchais
      Paris 3rd district

🕐 Open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday from 11am to 6pm


📋 Some of the menus :

Petit-déjeuner (8am - 12pm)
Mini brioche sucrée + boisson chaude + jus pressé : 7€

Lunch (12h - 15h)
Menu savory brioche, little mixed salad + a beverage or a sweet brioche : 11 €
Savory brioche + little mixed salad : 9 €
Savory stuffed brioche cone : 6 €
Soup of the day + little savory herbs brioche : 8€

But also freshly squeezed juices, fresh drinks and hot drinks.


To see more pictures and know about the latest news :

Facebook : ici
Instagram : ici
TripAdvisor : ici

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