mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Apple and pumpkin butter (vegan)

--> recette en français

    A year ago, I published a recipe of raisins scones (not on the English version yet...) that lots of readers had seemed to enjoy.

   This delicious preparation needed its own article as the recipe seemed a little long with both the scones and the butter, it will also be easier to find it on the blog. You can enjoy it to replace jam or in yogurt or even with pancakes or waffles. 

dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Fabada asturiana, spanish white bean soup (vegan option)

--> recette en français

    Last Wednesday was Spain National Day. But this celebration is kind of recent, it commemorates the discovery of America that happened an October 12th, the trip of Christopher Columbus having been financed by Spain Kingdom.