mardi 26 avril 2016

Raw raspberry & chia seed jam

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    Last summer, I had seen a few pictures of raw jams with summer fruit, it seemed nice but I didn't pay more attention. And the publishing day of the Foodista Challenge approaching I thought again about these raw jams and thought it was the occasion to try as the red fruit season has just begun in France!

jeudi 21 avril 2016

Strawberry, raspberry, banana, almond milk and baobab vegan smoothie

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    Today, this is a new smoothie "recipe" I share with you. It's always an occasion to hydrate oneself and add some fruit to our daily need, we can create so many combinations that we can rarely get bored with smoothies.

   The first French strawberries called Gariguettes have already arrived, indeed we had a mild Winter weather so they are quite early this year. They are very savory and you can eat them just like that without any sugar. I'm eager to go back to the self pick-up place near where I live to pick up strawberries, raspberries, cherries and summer vegetables.

mercredi 6 avril 2016

Dog healthy gluten free pumpkin cookies

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    Last Friday, my hairy little girl, Jesse, mixed shepherd, celebrated her 3rd birthday! Well, it's an approximate DOB determined by the Peta shelter that rescued her as she was found in the street by the animal pound unidentified when she was 9 month-old.

   She always gets little presents or a big one for her adoption birthday, her birthday and Christmas, treats, toys, plushies, a new comfortable bed...  just like any child! This year, I wanted to make her something myself because I had seen home made healthy treats on the Web for the past months and wanted to give them a try.