Vegan / Dairy free / Gluten free

(VG) : vegan
(DF) : dairy free
(GF) : gluten free

Vegan recipes


Aperitif / Starter

•  Crunchy quinoa raw asparagus orange salad



Carrot, sweet potato, red lentils and coconut milk express soup


Cold soups & gazpachos

Watermelon tomato cold soup
Avocado cucumber apple cold soup
Traditional Andalusian gazpacho


Quiches & pies

Pasta, rice, quinoa & cereals

Pumpkin squash mac n' cheese


Oven baked dishes

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟



Raw and roasted pear, cocoa, cinnamon and cardamom porridge


Pancakes, crepes & waffles

Rooibos French crepes and orange coconut syrup


Pies, cheesecakes & clafoutis

Cookies & biscuits

Cakes, muffins, cupcakes & brownies

Rhubarb macis (nutmeg) sponge cake


In a jar / individual desserts

Stewed rhubarb speculoos chia pudding vanilla parfaits
Apple pie rice pudding granola parfaits (GF)


Ice creams & frozen desserts

Other desserts

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Gluten free recipes

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