Sunday, March 27, 2016

Exotic mango passion fruit Eton Mess

--> Recette en français.

     Today, I took part to a new food challenge and the theme was "exotic fruit". I didn't think long, I love exotic fruit and my favorite one is mango!

   I also love Pavlova but I had never prepared its British cousin, the Eton Mess so I went for it today. What I like in Eton Mess is that you build it as you want, in the same order as the Pavlova or "in a mess". 

   By the way, did you know that one legend says that the Eton Mess was born when families were visiting their children in Eton, near London, they dropped a Pavlova they were bringing but succeeded to save it and brought it "in a mess", who knows? ^_^ 

   I put vanilla in my meringue for once and it was good, I also didn't had sugar in my whipped cream because I wanted this dessert to be fresh and light but you can of course add some. Be sure to use ripe fruit so that they're sweet enough.

   With the following quantities, I made 2 large desserts but you can prepare 3 less big of them but you can put more meringue, less cream, more fruit, really as you wish. I also added organic dried mallow flowers for the decoration, it's optional of course.


--> Recette en français.

Mango Passion Eton Mess

Prep time : 5 minutes + 5 minutes + 10 minutes
Cook time : 1 hour
Serving : 2 to 3 people


- 2 egg whites at room temperature
- 120 g (4,2 oz) powdered sugar
- a few drops lemon juice

  • I followed this recipe I use each time (except for the Pavlova), here. It's only in French so far but you can use the translation button :-)

Whipped cream

- 20 cl (7 fl oz) 30 % fat whipping or heavy cream real cold
- icing sugar (optional)

  • All your material must be real cold, put your whisks and a mixing bowl - in glass or stainless-steel is better - in the fridge of freezer about 20 minutes before, your cream must also be cold. You can also put a bag full of ice under the mixing bowl if your kitchen is quite warm - if you cooked before for example.

  • Pour the whipping cream in the mixing bowl and whisk!

  • Your whipped cream is ready when it doesn't slide anymore in the bowl when you turn it over and the cream must do like a "bird beak" at the end of the whisks.

  • Careful not to whisk the cream too long or it will turn into butter, yes, really...

  • If you want to make a "chantilly", just add icing sugar, very softly, at the end with a spatula (about 30 to 50 g/1,05 to 1,75 oz for a 20 cl carton cream).


- 1 ripe mango
- 2 to 3 ripe passion fruit(you can see they are when they're crumpled)

  • Put some crumbled meringue in the bottom of a large glass, cover with the whipped cream, add pieces of mango and some passion fruit and proceed to these three staps again.

  • Or... assemble your Eton Mess as you want, after all, we're talking about a "mess"!

  • Chose your favorite spoon and dive it in!

  • You can assemble the desserts some time before serving but not too much or the meringue could go soft.

--> Recette en français.



  1. Oh my gosh that looks so good! I never really knew what an Eton Mess was, but now I want to make one myself. If you liked your meringue with vanilla extract, may I suggest a tiny splash of almond extract next time? It does great things for fruit. PINNING!

    1. I'm glad you'll for it!
      Thanks for the tip Dorothy, I'll try next time! :-)

  2. Wow this is pretty! So colorful and I bet the textures are so fabulous! Great for Mother's Day!

  3. I have never heard of this dessert but it looks so good...I need to try it soon.

  4. I love Eton Mess and your mango-passion fruit version is totally delightful!

  5. Looks just beautiful and bet tastes so good - so pretty!

  6. I haven't had passion fruit in so long, I'd love to try this. What a great spin on a classic.

  7. Such a pretty yet simple dessert to make! So good for you too. :)

  8. What an elegant and delicious dessert!

  9. Love the mango and passion fruit combination! This dessert looks so pretty and tasty!

  10. Such a lovely dessert with a tropical twist! Yum!


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