vendredi 10 août 2018

Vegan Summer fruit pie, oats crust and coconut yogurt

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    I don't know about where you live but it's said that in France, everything turns slower during Summer holidays (July-August), some stores or restaurants close, some company too, sometimes for whole August. It seems that social networks are taking the same path, at least in France, maybe in the rest of Europe too or in the North hemisphere of the World. 

   Anyway, last Summer I was working a lot, long hours, long weeks and didn't have much time to cook or take care of the blog, this is I did but I decided to take it slow too, go on vacation in my family and just take the time to do other things. We already faced a long heat wave for more than a month in France, Europe and I know some other countries like in North America at least. So, I didn't cook much and would hardly prepare some salads, sometimes cook some rice or quinoa, more rarely the oven. 

mercredi 18 juillet 2018

Apricot, orange blossom, almond clafoutis (vegan)

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   Clafoutis is one of my favorite desserts, I find it comforting even in Summer. This French dessert is originally made with cherries, with their stone/pit but I remove them because I just don't want to munch one while enjoying such a good dessert.

lundi 2 juillet 2018

Watermelon tomato cold soup (vegan)

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    We've been facing a heat wave lately in Paris and other parts of France - from 25°c/80°f at night to close to 35°c/95°f during the day as felt temperatures. But it seems that it's been very hot too in North America. And I guess, a lot of you are like me, when it's hot like that, I'm not hungry, all I want to to eat fresh drinks, water, fruits or salads and I alternate with mixed salad - with quinoa, raw veggies and my favorite smoked tofu, almond sesame from Taifun and cold soups. I wanted to try watermelon in a salad or cold soup for a long time because I like to use as fruit in savory dishes as veggies in desserts. 

mardi 15 mai 2018

Stewed rhubarb speculoos chia pudding vanilla parfaits (vegan)

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   It's the high season of rhubarb and I decided to honor it in different recipes this year because this is my favorite fruit, hum no vegetable, not either... edible plant!

   I was looking for a light and low carb dessert and I went for one in a jar because, well, if you've been following this blog for quite some time, you know I love them (ideas here). Some speculoos cookies also came in the game because it's a good match with rhubarb.

vendredi 11 mai 2018

Crunchy quinoa, raw asparagus and orange salad

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    Here is a recipe I've had in a corner of my head for 4 years. I had tasted a raw salad of asparagus and discovered they could be enjoyed uncooked and it was very good. I had written this on my To Do List but always forgot about it and the list got bigger and bigger.

   I thought again about it a few weeks ago when I bought my first asparagus of the season. I added some crunchy quinoa to go with it, the taste and the texture are slightly different, it's interesting.