mercredi 18 juillet 2018

Apricot, orange blossom, almond clafoutis (vegan)

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   Clafoutis is one of my favorite desserts, I find it comforting even in Summer. This French dessert is originally made with cherries, with their stone/pit but I remove them because I just don't want to munch one while enjoying such a good dessert.

lundi 2 juillet 2018

Watermelon tomato cold soup (vegan)

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    We've been facing a heat wave lately in Paris and other parts of France - from 25°c/80°f at night to close to 35°c/95°f during the day as felt temperatures. But it seems that it's been very hot too in North America. And I guess, a lot of you are like me, when it's hot like that, I'm not hungry, all I want to to eat fresh drinks, water, fruits or salads and I alternate with mixed salad - with quinoa, raw veggies and my favorite smoked tofu, almond sesame from Taifun and cold soups. I wanted to try watermelon in a salad or cold soup for a long time because I like to use as fruit in savory dishes as veggies in desserts. 

mardi 15 mai 2018

Stewed rhubarb speculoos chia pudding vanilla parfaits (vegan)

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   It's the high season of rhubarb and I decided to honor it in different recipes this year because this is my favorite fruit, hum no vegetable, not either... edible plant!

   I was looking for a light and low carb dessert and I went for one in a jar because, well, if you've been following this blog for quite some time, you know I love them (ideas here). Some speculoos cookies also came in the game because it's a good match with rhubarb.

vendredi 11 mai 2018

Crunchy quinoa, raw asparagus and orange salad

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    Here is a recipe I've had in a corner of my head for 4 years. I had tasted a raw salad of asparagus and discovered they could be enjoyed uncooked and it was very good. I had written this on my To Do List but always forgot about it and the list got bigger and bigger.

   I thought again about it a few weeks ago when I bought my first asparagus of the season. I added some crunchy quinoa to go with it, the taste and the texture are slightly different, it's interesting.

mardi 1 mai 2018

Vegan rhubarb macis (nutmeg) sponge cake

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    One month after Jesse's 5th birthday and these carrot dog cookies, we're celebrating the blog's birthday on French Labor Day that is a bank holiday here. So much as past since the beginning, even if the followers are not numerous, you're more and more to be around, try the recipes, leave a little comment here or on the social networks and talk about good food. This blog also made me know more about healthy (vegan) food, cooking and baking as I learned everything late, after 25 years old. I discovered food styling and photography and tried to improve my skills and I also met nice people, first online, from France, Europe and further away and for some of you, in real life!

   So to that occasion, I wanted to share a simple dessert recipe, full of flavors but that needs few ingredients, because, they are the ones I prefer, after all.