Sunday, May 1, 2016

{ Birthday } The blog is celebrating its 3 years old!

--> in French here.

    Three years ago, when I was back to being a student on my way to a new field job, I was making a break  during my rewiews and homework session and started this blog.

   It has since evolved, esthetically - even if it is not the most accomplished to my opinion but I'm lacking some knowledge into this field - but also concerning the type of recipes, how I introduce them and the quality of the photos - at least, most of the time and when I'm inspired - go and have a look at the first recipes' photos and you'll laugh...

   My cooking is more varied thanks to some food discoveries I've made thanks to some food bloggers I started following - when you've been a vegetarian for 17 years, you had a food routine and you don't really look for new ways of eating so I thank the ones who keep inspiring me and made my discover seitan, kasha or even other types of flour different from wheat flour! I went from having two or three types of wheat flour to about ten now : spelt, rice, corn, chickpeas, green lentils, lupin, quinoa, chestnut, buckwheat or even teff flour. But don't worry, I don't only follow vegetarian and vegan blogs, fortunately! ;-)

   A month ago, at the Veggie World exhibition (a German vegan fair that had its first French edition in Paris last early April), I even tasted my first vegan cheeses and I adored them, me, the cheese lover! Thanks to these real and virtual encounters and always into the protection of the animals, I've started to put my attention onto vegan cuisine as I have already a somehow vegan way of living (I don't buy and wear leather, fur, wool, try to only buy cruelty free and vegan cosmetics, I boycott the zoos, sea animal zoo parks, circus involving animals, etc.

   I didn't even know a few months ago that most cheeses are not vegetarian, even some beers! You may also know that all red food is not vegetarian because the red color comes from an insect called cochineal, it concerns orange cheeses, red and orange candies, lipsticks, etc. 

   All this encouraged me to cook more and more vegan, without eggs or dairy and after all, it's a good thing because anyway dairy products have lots of sugar (the lactose) and eggs, fat so we should really lower or remove them from our meals. 

   Apart from a more diversified cooking, the blog also let me take part to some food exhibitions, or food challenges and also but most of all, made me meet some nice people, some of them in real life and one or two have become good friends now. 

   My favorite social network remains Instagram for its visual aspect, this is by the way where I have the most fans - you are now 700, thank you! - and publishing photos on a regular basis made me develop the taste for the photography I've had since I was a young girl. Beside the food photography to which I didn't even care when I started the blog, I started liking to publish all sorts of everyday life pictures concerning of not food, nature and flowers and sometimes both together! This is also why I started to publish again on my personal IG here early this year to post pictures of food, flowers, nature, travels...

   A few months ago, I also FINALLY started the English version of the blog, it's not always easy because it takes time to write in two languages but this is something I wished to do for a long time. So thank you for being more and more over here, from France and abroad! Receiving comments - because you liked the recipe or not, because you tried it and liked it or have some difficulties or just to ask a question - is important for me. Do not hesitate to come back by here to leave a little note or point out anything useful, even something missing in the recipe, it can happens, the blogger can also make mistake. ^_^ 

   To celebrate this new 4th year, I wanted to share a quite simple but original recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone, these mini cakes are thus gluten free, dairy free and vegan but you'll see they require only simple ingredients. 

   So see you tomorrow for the recipe and have all a nice May 1st (in France and some European countries, this is Labor Day)!

Bon 1er mai !

--> in French here.

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  1. Oh, super intéressant à lire (je n'ai lu que la version anglaise, mais j'imagine que la francaise l'est tout autant). C'est vraiment chouette que tu te livres et raconte ton parcours depuis tes débuts jusqu'à maintenant, en expliquant les différents tournants alimentaires dans ta vie, les manifestations liées au blog et tes évolutions diverses liées au blogging. On sse reconnaît beaucoup dedans! :)


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