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{ Where to eat - Paris, France } H.O.P.E. Home Of the Plant Eaters, vegan hygge restaurant

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    Today, I'll take you eat at Home Of the Plant Eaters also know as H.O.P.E. A name I found quite catchy for what it means in English (hope) but also for it's humorous aspect, because, of course, no, vegetarian and vegan people DO NOT only eat plants and seeds.

   This is a vegan food place I wanted to try for quite some time. It opened less than a year ago and is situated in the North of the Marais, not very far from Republique, where you can find a lot of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.  It is qualified as a hygge vegan bistro and, indeed, I liked the decoration a lot. Downstairs is the kitchen and upstairs, the dining room with about 25-30 seats.

   The menu is short but it is a guarantee of quality, home made food and fresh products. Run away if the menu is too long and varied, believe me! I went there in late November, with a non vegetarian friend of mine, last year. The menu changes each season so we tried dishes from the fall menu. There are 3 starters, 4 main courses of which a burger and a Buddha bowl, and 4 desserts. Everything is vegan, 90% organic and with some gluten free propositions.

   I chose to at a main course and a dessert. I had the bowl of Hope, gluten free, it was composed with semi-whole basmati rice, white beans, coconut roasted sweet potato, avocado, pink grapefruit, mixed green salad and a lime coriander sauce. I am very picky on the seasoning and I found it perfect, a nice composed tasty dish. As a dessert, I chose the coconut cake with pineapple and lime zest caramel, gluten free too. It was really delicious and sophisticated. 

   My friend chose to start her meal with the potato waffle served with mushrooms, chive vegan cream and crushed hazelnuts. Then she had the macaroni, mushroom and vegan Parmesan cheese risotto. She liked everything and I could taste her dish, I liked it very much myself too. 

   We liked everything in our lunch, the place, the way we were welcomes and served and the cleanliness. Only two or three little drawbacks, I found the starter and dessert portion quite little and I am not a big eater. The prices are also higher than in other vegetarian or vegan food places I've been too before, that serve larger desserts for example. Also, my friend had ordered a smoothie and it was disappointing to see that it was not home made. Yet, I will only keep the positive, we ate well in a nice environment so this is a place I'll go back too but for special occasions. 

   The restaurant is opened for lunch and dinner during the week so you may have a casual lunch or a romantic dinner. Now, I let you salivate with my pictures until you can enjoy some of the good food there! 

Useful information

📍 H.O.P.E.
      19 rue de Picardie
      Paris 3rd arrondissement

🕐 Open Wednesday - Saturday from 12 to 3pm and 7 to 10pm, Sunday from 11:30am to 3:30pm.
Vegan, organic and partly gluten free cuisine.

📋 Some of the fees

Week lunch menu : bowl of Hope + Charitea ou Lemonaid : 13 €
Starters : 6 - 7 €
Dishes : 14 - 16 €
Desserts : 6 - 7,50€

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--> article en français

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