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15 delicious and original recipes with raspberries

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    If you're looking for a  recipe with raspberries, you'll find about 20 on the blog - well the French version at least, but you can use the translation button on the right to translate them until they arrive in English on this version. They are one of my favorite fruit and I enjoy them all year long because you can easily freeze them (or buy them frozen) and keep their shape, sweet flavor and nutrients.

   In winter in smoothies or in cakes, the raspberries will add a lovely touch of color and acid flavor to apple and pear recipes I find lack a little of a taste sometimes

   Besides, I have a few raspberry recipes to share before the end of the season or next spring/summer, so if you like them too, stay tuned.  

   Within all the raspberry recipes published on (the French version of) the blog, I selected 15 of them, from a smoothie to individual pies, from frozen dessert to cake, but also a savory cold soup and desserts in a jar, some healthy and some quite less, there are one or more for everyone for sure!

A raw jam so tasty but healthy, way richer in nutrients than traditional baked ones.

A substantial but tasty smoothie easy to prepare where raspberries and vanilla make a perfect match.

Typical Oceanian and Anglo-saxon dessert with red fruit that balance the sweetness of the home made French meringue and whipped cream.

A Summer refreshing dessert where a home made mango sorbet matches home made French meringue and whipped cream and raspberries, plus it's pretty!

Here, the raspberry isn't the main ingredient but it brings a sour touch that makes this little sweet and moist cocoa cupcake just perfect, to look at and eat. 

This famous 3-layer cake (flan, cream and sponge cake) where the raspberry brings a sweet and acid touch that makes this dessert interesting to taste.

This is not the apple season yet but this cake can be baked in Fall and Winter with frozen raspberries or at the very beginning of the season and the end of the apple season in Spring. These two fruit match perfectly within this cake.

These individual pies are among my favorite recipes! They're healthy, light, gluten free but so tasty, you have to try them!  

This time, less healthy but as tasty where the sweetness of the white chocolate mascarpone mousse matches the sour raspberries, without forgetting the yummy Oreo chia seed pie rust!

A mini healthy cheesecake recipe inspired from a famous dietitian blogger garnished with raspberries and an oat, chia seed and cocoa crust.

A delicious and original pie easy to prepare that matches flavors and textures, between sweetness and sharpness of the rhubarb compote, the whole raspberries and the crunchy of the oat crumble. 

A dessert in a jar with every day ingredients, very easy to prepare with kids.

A twisted version of this traditional Scottish dessert with cream, raspberries and home made granola. And for the bigegst ones, a splash of Whisky... A perfect cold and long Winter nights comfort dessert. 

A dessert inspired by the recipe of a food blogger friend in which I added raspberries that match Oreos as it needs. 

15. Beetroot raspberry cold soup (vegan option)

Let's end this selection with a savory recipe in which raspberries and beetroot reunite again in a delicious seasonal cold soup!

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