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{ Saint Patrick's Day } Irish Colcannon, mashed potatoes, savoy cabbage (and smoked tofu)

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    For Saint Patrick's Day, earlier this week, I offered you to try these Guinness chocolate cupcakes with a light matcha cream cheese frosting. I also wanted to prepare a savory Irish recipe and I saw a picture of this typical dish I didn't know about on Michelle's Instagram profile.

   Colcannon is a very simple but comforting dish to prepare and enjoy before Spring comes soon - at least in France. It's made of mashed potatoes and cabbage, that's it! Some will put green onions and eat it with meat, I chose to prepare it with only potatoes and savoy cabbage and to serve it with smoked tofu stir-fried in coconut oil. You can of course use green, savoy or kale cabbage and replace smoked tofu by smoked tempeh, seitan or even plant-based smoked sausages to keep it vegetarian.

   Here is thus a complete dish made of vegetables and proteins that got me to like again cabbage that I hadn't eaten for at least a decade. I sure will cook it again in other recipes next Winter. If, at first, mashed potatoes and cabbage together sounds weird to you, please try, you may really like it and find the flavor association very nice and new. I liked it so much, I even ate some cold while putting my photo shooting stuff away.

   The quantities I gave below are just an indication for you, I wanted to cabbage to be almost as present as the potatoes but you can put more or less of each element. If you use plant-based cream and milk, your dish will even be vegan, how nice!

Irish Colcannon, mashed potatoes, savoy cabbage and smoked tofu

Prep time : 5 to 10 min
Cook time : 30 min

Serving : 4

- 4 to 5 large tender-fleshed potatoes
- 1 savoy cabbage
- vegetable stock
- 300 to 400 g / 10,5 to 14 oz smoked tofu
- 1 tsp vegetable oil
- milk or cream of your choice

  • Begin by cooking the potatoes in boiling water (or steamed, if you're equipped for), until they are tender and the blade of a sharp knife goes easily inside, for approximately 30 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, cut out the damaged part of the cabbage, take the heart out and cut the cabbage in 4, rinse the leaves, wipe them and cut them in pieces or sections. Cook them for 10 minutes in boiling vegetable stock, then drain them and keep them aside.

  • Cut the smocked tofu blocs in slices or cubes and stir-fry them in the oil on medium heat for a few minutes until them are just golden. 

  • Peel the cooked potatoes and smash them with a fork, stir in milk and/or cream as much as you want until the potatoes have the texture you like.

  • Mix the mashed potatoes and the cabbage together and heat again in one of the saucepans for a few minutes, add salt and pepper.

  • Serve the dish with the smoked tofu and enjoy without waiting!

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--> recette en français


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  1. I like your version with the tofu! Need the extra protein.


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