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{ Waiting for Christmas } Orange spiced hot chocolate (vegan option)

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    Let's continue with some typical Winter drink, hot chocolate! I don't know about you but I love Christmas drinks, whether it is mulled white wine, Swedish Glögg or more comforting drinks like this red wine hot chocolate. Of course, there's the typical American eggnog.

   I'm more about coffee in the morning and then I like to enjoy tea or infusion during the day. On Winter cold days, I sometimes go for more comforting drinks like hot chocolate and I loved this one I made last year so now is your turn to enjoy too! Orange and chocolate always do a good marriage like here or here

   The good news is that you can modify it according to your tastes, with or without orange, with or without spices and make it even more comforting adding some whipped cream! If you're vegan or dairy intolerant or just like coconut, try it with coconut whipped cream, it's delicious! Just store a can of coconut milk a whole night in the fridge, then whisk the solid part (you can use the water for other use).

   Here is a nice drink to enjoy in front of a Xmas TV series or your favorite Xmas movie or with friends and family!

Orange spiced hot chocolate

Prep time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 5 minutes
Serving : 2 mugs

- 2 mugs of milk (I chose soy)
- the zest of an organic orange*
- ground cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg as you like
- 60 g / 2,12 oz dark chocolate
- whipping cream or canned coconut milk (optional)

* with the skin, try this recipe ou this one or even this one

  • Optional : For a comforting version, whisk some whipping cream or canned coconut milk previously stored in the fridge for a few hours. A few minutes before whisking, put the whisk and bowl in the fridge too, it'll help have a successful whipped cream. Then, store it in the fridge until using it..

  • Wet the bottom of a saucepan to avoid the milk to stick. Pour the 2 mugs of milk, spices and orange zest and bring to a boil while stiring.

  • On the first boil, reduce the heat to medium, pour the chocolate cut in chunks and let melt while stiring.

  • Pour the hot chocolate into the mugs using a strainer.

  • Add the whipped (coconut) cream if you chose to make some with a pipping bag or just a freezer bag from which you will cut a corner. Decorate with some orange zest and/or more spices if you wish. 

  • You can now plunge your spoon into the cream or mix everything together and enjoy!

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--> recette en français

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